I traded my car for a bike in 2008. 

Since then, I've cycled tens of thousands of miles — including two trips across the entire state of Iowa, blasting Rihanna and Daft Punk from my bicycle speakers the whole way.  

Riding a bike helps me save money, manage stress and take control of my daily commute. On a bike, I feel more independent and self-confident — like a stronger version of myself. I like finding ways to share my love of cycling with other people.

take a class with me!

When I'm not biking to work or plotting my next long road ride, I'm teaching indoor cycling classes at Biker Barre, a women-owned studio on Capitol Hill. Find me on the schedule at bikerbarre.com and come say hi.

support better biking

Riding a bike changed my life. That's why I volunteer as a Roll Model with the Washington Area Bicyclist Association's Women & Bicycles program, an initiative to encourage more women to use bicycles for transportation.